Paintings For Offices + Commercial Spaces

Need some dazzling artwork for your office, lobby or commercial business?

Would you like a unique piece of Dan Campbell Art that enhances your business, building or workspace with just the right mix of vibrant color and creativity?

It is a simple process, and there is no obligation until you approve the painting. Just email or call me, and we’ll begin the discussion. No request is too small or too large!

No complex contracts! You love the painting, or you don’t buy it.

If you’re local here in the Raleigh – Durham “Triangle” area, I can come to your location, look at the space, and take photos of your colors and furniture. We can chat about your preferences, and I can price the piece for you right then and there, including delivery and hanging. (If we are corresponding from a longer distance, I’ll price the piece within 24 hours.)

Once we agree on the details, I’ll go to work in the studio, 4-6 weeks, depending on how many pieces I have in the queue. I’ll then present the painting to you, and you can give me immediate feedback. If I need to make a few adjustments, no problem! If you don’t like it, no problem! (Again, if we are long distance, I’ll email images to you first before shipping the final.) The most important thing to me is that you love the painting!

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Also, I’ll be quick to tell you if I can’t provide the kind of art you want. And if I can’t, I likely can point you to other trusted professional artists with different styles.

I can work directly with you or your interior designer to create eye-catching paintings that match your architecture and décor. And these can be customized to a grander size and scale for special projects.

So please give me a call to discuss your commercial art needs. It costs nothing to chat, to see if I can provide what you want.

Interested in a one of a kind original painting? Feel free to contact me and we can talk about the details! I deliver locally in Raleigh – Durham and central North Carolina, or can ship anywhere in the world.

Email, call me at 919-538-3539, or simply fill out the form below!

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Original art...something you will treasure for a lifetime.

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