Painting Details:

36″ x 48″, oil / cold wax, 1.5″ gallery-wrapped canvas


2 inspirations propelled me forward with this artwork. First the one-hit wonder, doo-wop song by The Penguins (1954) which has been covered by many other bands.  You may remember it from “Back To The Future” movie where Marty (back in 1954) pleads with the band to play this romantic tune so his mom and dad will indeed fall in love. Otherwise he will fade away from existence. It is an unforgettable scene as Marty starts disappearing! And then secondly, it is ever more evident that we may need celestial assistance to keep this planet in ecological balance for our grandchildren.  Global warming, chemical spills, deforestation, air pollution, food waste and much more must be addressed. If we don’t, Marty won’t be the only one disappearing.

Dan Campbell Art
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